How to: Fall Rose Palette Skittle Mani

In case you didn’t know, just yesterday the ZOYA 2021 Rose Palette became available. This collection features 5 warm-toned rose colors, which gives you the perfect amount of colors to paint on every nail! You can read the color descriptions and see them up close in our recent article.  For now, follow our steps to get a transitional skittle manicure that flows from one nail to the next. 

Step 1: Prep the Nail

Before any manicure, you need to prep your nails for color. Remove any existing polish with ZOYA Remove +, and file your nails to how you like them.

Use a basecoat to prevent polish staining and smooth out the surface of your natural nail. We recommend the Naked Base or Anchor Basecoat.

Step 2: Paint the Colors

Beginning with the darkest shade in the collection and working from your thumb to your pinky, paint Suzie, Rochelle, Maggie, Marcia, and Palmer. Add a second coat to each of your nails. 

Step 3: Apply a Topcoat

After waiting around 5 minutes, apply a top coat. Use our award-winning Ultra Glossy Seal topcoat if you want a fast-drying manicure with long-wearing, lush shine. 

Step 4: Apply Fast-Drops

To speed up the dry-time of your manicure even more, apply ZOYA Fast-Drops over your topcoat and your manicure will be dry in minutes! This also prevents wrinkling and bubbling in your polish.

Step 5: Lock in Your Day-1-Mani

For ultimate protection against wear-and-tear on your nails, use the Defend + Shine system the day after your manicure! This system uses a demi-gel layer to add a highly-reflective shine to your manicure and keep it protected all week long. Forget about chips or tip wear with this defense!

This collection couldn’t make skittle manicures any easier. We hope you liked this look, but stay tuned for more to come!