How to Enhance a Glitter Manicure

Have you ever painted your nails with a glitter nail polish and just wished there was even MORE glitter? We have a nail hack for you involving your favorite glitter shade and ZOYA PixieDust to get an encapsulated, high-intensity glitter effect. This kind of glitter manicure is perfect for the holiday season, New Year’s Eve, or any time you feel like wearing glitter!

How to Get This Look

To get the nail look shown above, you’ll need ZOYA Sarah, Lux, your favorite base coat, and the Defend + Shine System. These colors create a gorgeous holiday manicure. Feel free to experiment with other PixieDust and glitter polish combinations to get a similar color effect!

Step 1: Apply a Basecoat

Prep your nails by applying a layer of a basecoat. For this look, we used the Naked Base which contains hydrating nutrients for the nails.

Step 2: Apply ZOYA Sarah

Once your basecoat layer is dry, paint one coat of ZOYA Sarah to all your nails. You can keep this coat thin, because we’ll be doing two more layers of polish once it’s dry.

Step 3: Apply ZOYA Lux

After your layer of Sarah is dry to the touch, paint one even coat of ZOYA Lux to all of your nails. Be sure that the layer of glitter is thick enough to cover the nail completely, but not so thick that you can’t see Sarah underneath. Refer to the pointer finger and ring finger in the image above as an example.

Step 4: Paint Sarah over Lux

PixieDust dries quickly, but you’ll want to make sure it’s fully dry before moving on to the next step. You can tell it’s dry when the surface of your nail feels rough and textured. Once it’s dry, paint another thin layer of ZOYA Sarah over your nails to cover the PixieDust glitter particles. Depending on your preferences, you may choose to do this step on all of your nails, or leave a few accent nails as we did in the picture above.

Step 5: Use Defend + Shine The Next Day

Since the PixieDust is layered underneath, the top layer of Sarah will have a mattified, textured effect. Leave your nails as is for 12-24 hours to fully dry. The next day, use the Defend + Shine system to seal in your glitter manicure with the intense, durable shine of Naked Gelie.

Not familiar with Defend + Shine? This system uses a gel-like clear coat, Naked Gelie, as a durable and ultra-shiny top coat for your manicure. It requires curing under an LED light for 1 minute, but can make your manicure last up to 2 weeks when properly cared for. You can learn more about how to best apply Naked Gelie and how the Defend + Shine system works specifically.

Show off your new manicure! This glitter manicure is sure to turn heads.