Stop Biting Your Nails

Biting your nails is one of the worst habits you can have if you’re trying to keep your nails nice. Your fingers are always in pain and the skin around the nail bed is left ragged from constant biting. It can even lead you to have bad breath from the germs under your nails, cause damage to your teeth, and serious infections.

There’s so many downsides to biting, so how does one actually kick the habit once and for all?



Identify your trigger(s)

Something is causing you to bite your nails, as it is a coping mechanism to deal with stress. Try to identify what is stressing you, and then see if you can limit your interaction with said stressors. For instance, keep a journal and record your days, and this could help lead you to the root cause of your stressors.

Clip your Nails Short

Cut your nails short so that it’s harder to bite them. It can also serve as a full reset for your nails to grow again and become stronger.

Get Manicures

Paying for your nails to be done on a regular basis may encourage you to leave your fingers alone. This upkeep may also help promote strength in your nails so that they start to grow back normally.

Rubber Band Trick

Wear a rubber band and snap it whenever you bite your nails, eventually you’ll be resistant to bite.

Apply Bitter Tasting Polish

Apply this safe, over-the-counter polish to your nails to discourage putting your nails in your mouth.

(Warning: In my experience, the bitter taste from my nails seemed to get in everything you eat, even if I hadn’t been biting my nails. This option truly isn’t my highest recommendation, but it does work for some.)

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