A gradient manicure is shown using three shades from the ZOYA Rose Palette collection.

How to: Gradient Manicure Using the Rose Palette

In case you missed it, the Rose Palette collection was officially launched this week for fall. The 5 shades in this collection make for the perfect skittle manicure or fun gradient nail art like this one! We’re giving you step-by-step instructions for recreating this smooth, gradient manicure so you can easily recreate it from home.

What You Need for This Look

A bottle of ZOYA Palmer from the fall 2021 Rose Palette.
ZOYA Palmer
A bottle of ZOYA Marcia from the fall 2021 Rose Palette.
ZOYA Marcia
A bottle of ZOYA Rochelle from the fall 2021 Rose Palette.
ZOYA Rochelle

To get this look, you’ll need Palmer, Marcia, and Rochelle from the Rose Palette collection, the Naked Base basecoat, Ultra Glossy Seal topcoat and a clean makeup sponge. Keep reading to see how it’s done!

Step 1: Prep Your Nails for Polish

You already guessed it! Before you get started with this fun look, you need to prep your nails. Remove any color with Remove +, which also conditions the nail plate. Use a cuticle remover or a cuticle oil to softly push back your cuticles and prep them for your manicure. Finally, file your nails to a consistent shape that you like.

Step 2: Add a Basecoat

To prevent polish staining, add a layer of Naked Base to all your nails. Wait a minute for this layer to dry.

Step 3: Paint Your Base Shade

Paint all 10 nails with ZOYA Palmer in one even coat. This will be your base shade for the gradient. Allow time for this base to dry.

Step 4: Start Your Gradient

On your clean makeup sponge, paint Palmer, Marcia, and then Rochelle in three even, slightly overlapping layers. Be sure that your polish layers aren’t too thin, as you need enough polish on the sponge to transfer easily to your nail. Center the sponge over your nail so that your painted layers are horizontal with Palmer positioned near the cuticle and Rochelle positioned at the nail tip. Using a light hand, sponge the nail a few times to create your desired gradient effect. Be sure the gradient covers the entire nail. Repeat this step for all your nails.

Step 5: Apply a Topcoat

Once your gradient nails have had sufficient time to dry, add the Ultra Glossy Seal topcoat to smooth over the look and add a reflective, glossy finish.

Want more fall nail art? Stay tuned for more nail looks to come or visit our recent article that teaches you how to get a chocolate brown checkered manicure for fall.