Sunset Palette Skittle Mani

It’s the season for fall skittle manicures, and the new ZOYA Sunset Palette makes skittle manis easy! This palette features 5 warm-toned, transitional shades so you have every shade you need for a fall skittle! We decided to give you a quick tutorial for how to get the look, so read our step-by-step guide below!

Step 1: Gather Your Colors

The Sunset Palette is available now! Get the bundle today and start creating your skittles. Be sure to also check our our Fall Rose Palette, featuring 5 more skittle-worthy shades.

Step 2: Prep Your Nails

On filed nails, apply a layer of Naked Base to all 10 fingernails. Wait about a minute for the base coat to dry before applying the colors. 

Step 3: Paint the Skittle

This look will use all 5 shades on each hand, but in a different transitional order to mix things up. On one hand, start painting from your thumb and work towards your pinky in the order of these colors:  ZOYA Honey, Cory, Jackie, Colin, and Dionne. Add another layer to each of your nails for full opacity. 

On the other hand, start painting from your thumb and work towards your pinky nail but instead use the colors in this order: Dionne, Colin, Jackie, Cory and Honey.  Add a second coat to each of your nails. 

Step 4: Seal Your Mani

Once you’ve allowed time for your skittle manicure to dry, apply the top coat of your choice. Use Ultra Glossy Seal if you’re opting for a high-shine manicure. Our Defend + Shine system can also be used to seal in your mani the next day, which will defend your nails against chips and tip-wear while enhancing their shine. 

When you’re finished, you should have one hand starting with ZOYA Honey on the thumb, and one hand starting with ZOYA Dionne on the thumb. This effortless manicure will be trending for all of October, so don’t wait to get the colors!