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Our Hacks for Hydrated Skin and Nails

Even with the colder months behind us, it’s never too late to check your hydration routine. There’s nothing worse than having your mani ruined because you have cracked hands and dry cuticles to go along with it. Not to mention, your nails need moisture too! When your nails are dry and dehydrated, you’re just asking for your manicure not to last.

Luckily, we’re sharing our hydration hacks for healthier, softer, and more nourished skin and nails.

Let’s start by tackling those dry hands. Before you reach for your favorite fragranced lotion (which probably doesn’t offer lasting hydration, by the way), consider using the Hydrate & Heal System by Naked Manicure.

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Kick off Hydration with the Hydrating Hand & Body Serum

This serum can be applied anywhere on the hands, feet or body, and is in the convenient form of a spray. Simply spray anywhere you notice dryness, and gently massage into the skin. The serum will absorb into the skin to provide the instant appearance of more nourished skin while it works to provide lasting hydration without residue. It can even be used to improve skin tone. You can stop here for hydrated hands and feet, or follow to the next step of the Hydrate & Heal System.

Treat those Cuticles

Dehydrated cuticles WILL destroy your manicure. It’s just a simple fact that your manicure looks better and more professional when you have neat, moisturized cuticles, and they’ll feel better too. Finding the right cuticle oil can be tricky, because when it’s too greasy your fingers will just feel slimy. (Ew!)

The RIGHT cuticle treatment will hydrate the cuticle and surrounding nail in a mess-free way that leaves the nails ready for color application.

Solid Gold is a cuticle treatment and a disinfectant. It goes on in an easy tube applicator with no messy brush. You can use it while you’re pushing back your cuticles or just to bring some extra nourishment to your cuticles and nails. Whether you’re applying this to your natural nail or to a nail enhancement, it’ll keep those cuticles in check. You can use it daily for the best hydration results.

This is what to use when your cuticles and dry nails have reached the point of no return. Nothing else is working for you and your manicures are chipping because your nails have lost all of their moisture. Intensely dry cuticles require an intensely hydrating treatment. You can leave it on overnight or apply it throughout the day as needed.

So now that you’ve taken care of your skin and cuticles…what about your nails themselves?

The Gelie-Cure Rescue & Repair system uses two products, the Rescue Serum and the Repair Base, to protect the nail plate and repair any existing damage. So, if you went a little too far with the nail enhancements or you haven’t been using a cuticle oil daily, it may be time for a nail treatment.

Learn about all the ways to use Gelie-Cure for the health and maintenance of your manicures.

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