Follow Our Healthy Fall Manicure Routine

There’s no time like the present to start getting your nails and skin ready for the fall weather. With just a little bit more prep added to your weekly manicure routine, you’ll be in great shape for the dry season ahead. We’re sharing our tips for following a fall manicure routine that will give your skin and nails a little extra love this season.

Step 1: Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

If you expect to beat the cold weather before it starts, you have to start prepping your skin now with a hydrating routine. Before you start your normal manicure, we recommend moisturizing your hands (and feet) with the Hydrate & Heal System.

Begin by spraying the Serum over your hands and feet and gently rubbing it into your skin to absorb. Then, take the hydrating lotion and apply it directly over the serum to seal in its soothing benefits for your skin and prevent dry skin before it starts.

Step 2: Clean and Prep Your Nails

As normal, before any manicure or pedicure you’ll need to remove any existing nail polish. We recommend ZOYA Remove + because it doesn’t dehydrate your nail plate like other removers. Instead, it conditions, cleans and preps your nails for polish in its 3-in-1, gentle formula.

Step 3: Treat Nail Damage

Before you apply color, you’ll want to treat any nail damage on the surface. If your nails feel brittle, weak or have rough ridges, it’s time you reached for the Rescue + Repair treatment. It can be worn under a manicure so you can treat your nails while you wear your favorite fall color.

Start by taking a pea-sized amount of the Rescue Serum and divide it between all 10 fingernails. Rub the serum into your nail, remembering not to neglect the edges and around your cuticle. Once the serum is dry, add a layer of the Repair Base on top to seal it. The Repair Base acts as a normal base coat but contains optical diffusers to hide imperfections in the nail.

Step 4: Apply a Base Coat

To prevent nail staining, you may choose to add a regular base coat over the Repair Base. This is optional, as the Repair Base already acts as a barrier for polish, but some people prefer to have an extra layer of defense to avoid stains. We recommend Naked Base, which contains additional nutrients for repairing damage. 

Step 5: Paint Your Nails

Paint your nails with any of your favorite ZOYA shades but be sure to check out our new collections for fall—Nostalgic, the Rose Palette, or the Sunset Palette. All are available now!

Step 6: Condition Your Cuticles

Cuticle health is so important, and you can get in the habit now of caring for them with every manicure. We recommend using a cuticle oil like Solid Gold after a manicure and a few times a day to keep them hydrated. It’s not only great for your nail health, but it makes your manicure look so much better.

These are just some of our tips for a healthy fall manicure routine. Feel free to change this up as it suits your nail needs. Not everyone has nail damage or is prone to dry skin, so use this as a guide to create your own go-to  fall mani routine. 

Feature photo via @polishedella.