Introducing the New Fall 2021 Rose Palette

All your favorite rose tones for fall have officially arrived! The Rose Palette features 5 gradient shades all in ZOYA’s smooth cream formula. These shades create the perfect transitional skittle manicure or gradient nail art manicure. However you wear them, these warm shades are flattering anytime during the fall season! 

Palmer by ZOYA is described as a brilliant blush cream.

Marcia by ZOYA is described as a warm French rose cream.

Maggie by ZOYA is described as a Persian red cream. 

Rochelle by ZOYA is described as a deepened maroon red cream.

Suzie by ZOYA is described as a dark cherry red cream. 

Loving these rose-toned shades? The Rose Palette collection is available today with 3 additional bundle sets (Bundle A, Bundle B and Bundle C) to choose from!  Check back for upcoming nail art tutorials and creative ways to wear these colors.