Fixing the (almost) Perfect Manicure

When you’re painting your nails, it’s common to get a

little off course and paint the sides of your finger.

It’s not much fun to be fixing a manicure when you

would have wanted to have moved on to something

else by now. Unless this is the look you’re going for, you

may want some help in fixing it. Fortunately there are

ways to remedy and also prevent this from happening!

Liquid Latex (or Glue)

Before you begin your at-home manicure, use liquid latex to paint AROUND the nail bed. Once it’s dry, it serves as the protective barrier for the perfect manicure, protecting the skin from extra polish. If you’re allergic to latex, using white glue works just as well. The best part about this trick is the oh so satisfying feeling of peeling the latex or glue off your fingers!

Nail Art Brush and Remover

You also have the option of just removing the extra polish after the manicure is all said and dry. Take a flat nail art brush, or a craft brush, and dip the bristles into nail polish remover. Dab the brush on your hand to make sure there isn’t too much remover, you don’t want it to spill onto the nail bed. Then gently, and carefully, paint over the excess polish. You may have to do it a few times, but it’ll clear away from your skin perfectly, without any hint that the polish had ever been there. Try out these Beetles nail art brushes on Amazon!


The more you paint your nails, the better you will become. As you begin to paint more often, you start to get a feel for exactly how much polish to use for each fingernail. It’ll become second nature to never paint outside the lines. Remember to cut yourself some slack, and keep trying!

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