Dos and Don’ts for Flawless Nails

Do your nails need a little help lately? Whether you’re dealing with nail breakage, brittleness, or you just want tips for polish application, you’ve come to the right place! We’re giving you a breakdown of our dos and don’ts for keeping your nails healthy and making your manicures look salon-worthy from home.

DO Apply Cuticle Oil Daily

Your cuticles serve an important function for your nail health, which is why it’s important to keep them hydrated. Applying a cuticle oil a few times a day is an easy way to do just that. You can apply it in the morning, at night before you go to bed, and throughout the day as needed. We recommend QTICA Solid Gold for a quick, mess-free formula in an easy tube to take with you anywhere. 

DO Apply Treatment Under Your Manicure

The Rescue + Repair treatment only takes two steps and can be worn under your manicure to provide treatment for damaged nails. The system works by using a keratin-building serum and a special base coat to seal in treatment without having to reapply. If you see ridges and flakes in your nails when you take off polish, you might consider adding this step to your manicure routine. 

DO File Your Nails Consistently

This seems like a basic step to any manicure, but filing your nails is important for avoiding breakage. Manicures also look more professional when the nails are filed properly and are all shaped the same way. Remember to use a gentle hand when filing your nails, going in one motion at a time. Don’t use a back-and-forth motion with the file, as this can create breakage. 

DO Prep Your Nails Before a Manicure

Before you start painting your nails, you should always prep the nail by swiping it with Remove + on cotton. This removes any existing polish and cleans the nail before applying color. Unlike normal polish removers, it also conditions the nail plate to not strip the nail of its natural hydration.

DON’T Skip Base Coats and Top Coats

Unless you like to see yellow stains on your nails and frequent polish chips, always use a base coat and topcoat during your manicure. It’s the best way to prevent polish staining and allow your polish to stick better to your nail. Base coats like Naked Base also contain nutrients to treat the nail surface, while providing a smooth surface for polish to stick to. If you skip the base coat, the polish will cling to all the uneven parts of the natural nail and likely leave stains behind. Topcoats act as a seal for polish to prevent chipping while adding shine to the color. Don’t skip these crucial steps!

DON’T Use Your Nails as Tools

As tempting as it is to use your grown-out nails as tools, resist the urge! It’s best to file your nails and let them be, because using them as tools will only weaken them and potentially lead to breakage. 

DON’T Rush Your Manicure

The key to a flawless manicure? Take your time. Wait for each coat of polish to dry before applying more and be patient. Rushing your nails can only create bubbles and dents in your fresh manicure or may cause you to miss spots. We recommend 2 coats of polish with 2 minutes of waiting between each coat. Seal with a topcoat once your nails are dry to touch to ensure the color won’t drag. Allow time for the topcoat to dry as well, or add Fast-Drops to speed up the time. 

We hope you found these do’s and don’ts helpful! Be sure to check out our recent article on keeping your skin healthy this fall.

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