Your Official Guide to Cuticle Care

In case you didn’t know, taking care of your cuticles is the key to having healthy nails. Cuticles can easily become damaged if they lack moisture from excessive polish wear or removal. This official guide to cuticle care will tell you everything you need to know to get your cuticles back on track and restore your nail health!

What to Use

A cuticle oil is your best bet at restoring hydration and improving the condition of both your cuticles and nails. Use QTICA Solid Gold Anti-Bacterial Oil Gel for a mess-free, sanitary way to moisturize your cuticles. It comes in an easy, portable tube so you can take it anywhere for cuticle upkeep throughout the day. 

How to Use

When applying cuticle oil, you should apply it to the cuticle directly and then massage it into the surrounding skin and nail. Don’t forget to rub it underneath your nail tips as well! 

When to Use

Cuticle oils are typically used before and after a fresh manicure. When used before a manicure, the oil helps to soften the cuticles so they can be easily pushed back before applying polish. Just remember that if you use a cuticle oil prior to your manicure that you give the oil time to absorb into your nail. The polish will have difficulty adhering to the nail plate if you apply directly over the oil. Use after a manicure to finish off the look with hydrated cuticles.

Use the oil throughout the day as needed. It’s especially beneficial to use the oil after you wash your hands to restore hydration.

See if your nail health improves after using the oil throughout the day. If you still feel like your nails and cuticles need rescuing, try the QTICA Intense Cuticle Repair Balm. Leave it on overnight for severely dry cuticles and continue to use the QTICA Solid Gold Anti-Bacterial Oil Gel a few times a day.

Still struggling with nail damage? Try our Rescue + Repair nail treatment which can be worn under your manicure.


Feature photo via @polish.lab.rat 

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