ZOYA Z-Wide brushes, lipstick, and polish shown scattered on a table.

What is the Z-Wide Brush?

The Z-Wide brush is a wider fan brush, ideal for larger nail plates. It contains 60% more bristles than our classic precision brush. This makes for more efficient polish application.

Why Not Put the Z-Wide Brush in all Zoya Bottles?

We asked our fans if they preferred our classic Zoya precision brush or the Z-wide brush, and found our fans were split 50/50. Half preferred our classic precision brush, while the other half preferred the Z-wide brush. So, instead of swapping our brushes altogether, we decided to keep our original brushes in all our bottles and make Z-Wide brushes available for a separate purchase. We’re letting you choose. 

How Do I Swap out the Original Brush for the Z-Wide Brush?

Changing brushes is easy. See how it’s done and watch the full tutorial.

Step 1:

Remove the standard precision brush from your nail polish bottle and set it aside. 

Step 2:

Take your Z-wide brush, and screw it into the same bottle. Don’t forget to firmly press down to secure the cap in place.

It’s that simple!