Welcome to the Zoya Feed!

Calling all nail polish lovers: You’ve arrived! Welcome to the Zoya Blog.

If you’re already a fan of Zoya Nail Polish and Treatments, you’re probably thinking, “It’s about time!” and you’re right. We’ve been around since 1986, bringing to you quality nail products with our Big 10-Free formula, but we’re happy to announce the official launch of our blog site!

We’re giving you everything you need to know about Zoya, all in one place. Think of this as your personal guide to nail treatments, trends, tutorials, and official resource for all Zoya products.

We don’t just cover polish here (though we do have over 400 colors to tell you about).  We’ll be giving you the inside scoop into all our product launches, from our famously fast-drying top coats and durable base coats to our unique treatment systems like Hydrate and Heal and Gelie-Cure. On our tutorials page, you’ll find a range of how-to videos that may cover trendy nail designs, our tips and tricks for improving your DIY manis, or comparison videos of colors and top coats. You’ll also find articles with updates about current collections and bundle offers. (While on the subject, check out a new collection, the Naturel 4).

With Zoya being the first to launch a toxin-free nail polish formula, our emphasis on the health and safety of your nails is still a major priority. We’ll be providing content that tells you how to keep your nails healthy by minimizing and preventing damage,  and how our treatment systems work to keep your skin nourished with a killer mani/pedi to top it all off.

Stay tuned for weekly content varying from videos, articles, and step-by-step guides from our primary headquarters in Bedford, Ohio.

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