QTICA’s Dry Drops

Dropping A Tip


Here’s our case for why QTICA’s dry drops are revolutionary. One of the biggest issues salons and everyday men and women face when getting their nails done is the amount of time that has to pass for the nails to fully dry. Your ability to do basic household tasks is put on hold, or you’re confined to your salon chair, even though the salon visit has been long over. How can we get back to our lives faster while also sporty some colorful shades?

QTICA Half-Time

Half-time is a patented solvent created in 1994, and was the first product to come from the QTICA brand. It works by fusing the polish together by evaporating all solvents from the layers of polish. This ensures a longer and more durable wear for your nails, while also drying them in 5 minutes flat! Dry time for pedicures is approximately 10 minutes. That tacky feeling of supposedly dry nails is a thing of the past after using this product. You can trust in no uncertain terms that your paint is going to be as arid as the Mojave Desert.

It may also take longer to dry your nail polish depending on how thickly it was painted on. When painting your nails, you should avoid big globby swipes of color. This may even be why you struggle to ensure a crisp manicure in a timely manner. Build an opaque look in fewer, thinner coats. You’ll see more success if you do it this way. And by using the drops, you guarantee a faster completed nail look.

After the Drops

Following the dry drops, and after confirming your nails are dry, we also recommend using a cuticle oil or cream afterwards. In the summer, it’s good to maintain moisture especially when you’re out in the sun. Try QTICA’s Intense Cuticle Repair Balm for the extra parched cuticles that need a little TLC.

  • Pamela Bogart


    Can this be used with Zoya nail polish?

    August 3, 2022
  • Can this be used before the

    September 7, 2022
    • “Gelie-Cure” I meant to say

      September 7, 2022
  • Deborah T


    How is Qtica Half Time different from/preferred over the Zoya Fast Drops?? (They sure sound like the same thing.) I always thought all these products, even though branded separately, were made by the same company, so I find it confusing that the same organization would produce competing products.

    Can you help clear this up for me? Thanks so much.

    October 10, 2022

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