A negative space red manicure by @lemanoir using ZOYA Aphrodite.

Try Out These Trendy Back-to-School Nail Ideas

It’s back-to-school season, which means it’s time to start planning your school manicures! These are some fun back-to-school nail ideas to try out that perfectly capture the excitement of starting off a fresh school year. See if any of these inspire you! Even if you don’t have in-person classes yet, you can show up to online classes in style.

Simple Holos

Photo via @amazon_queen82

A lot of Zoya fans are loving holos right now. It’s a simple way to make your nails the center of attention without too much work. Additionally, holographics are perfect for this time of year because they can make great transitionals for the fall months ahead. @Amazon_queen82 is wearing ZOYA Merida in this swatch. Check out all of ZOYA’s holographic polishes. 

90s Floral

Photo via @jackiemonttnails

The 90s are undoubtedly making a comeback, and that goes for 90s florals too. This kind of scattered negative space floral art is popping up everywhere and we think this trend will continue through early fall. Make use of your fun bright shades while you can! @Jackiemonttnails used the EasyNeon collection to create this look.

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Can't Go Wrong with Neutral

Photo via @polishing_for_calm

Neutrals are a classic way to transition into the new school year. @Polishing_for_calm is wearing ZOYA Megan for a calming manicure.

Fun Skittles

Photo via @thepolishedstory

@Thepolishedstory did this fun skittle mani inspired by a book cover. Colorful skittles like this are perfect for back-to-school when it’s not quite fall yet and you haven’t grown tired of fun summer oranges like Zoya Sawyer. @Thepolishedstory also used ZOYA shades Mara, Stevie and Tweedy for this look. Anyone feel like matching their nails to their class textbooks now? 

Cow Print

Photo via @velvetmoonnails

The trending print of this year is cow print. This print is one of those simple nail designs that just looks so fun and chic at the same time. @Velvetmoonnails did this look featuring Zoya Willa. 

Metallic Mani

Photo via @shmailshmolish

Sometimes a little metallic moment gets you right in the mood for fall. You can also opt for a brighter metallic if you’re not quite ready for darker fall colors like this swatch of ZOYA Troy by @shmailshmolish. If you’re loving this swatch, check out other gray metallics for fall. 

Abstract Squiggle Art

Photo via @taticure

This simplistic abstract manicure is stunning for this time of year. @Taticure did a perfect balance of neutral shades with this look, using ZOYA shades in Bevin, Wednesday and Frida

Negative Space Mani

Photo via Le Manoir

This beautiful negative space mani via Le Manoir is so effortless and classy. Red looks great in any season, and the shimmer in ZOYA Aphrodite just adds a spark to this simplistic look. Try this look with a darker red like Mila from the Nostalgic Collection for a more fall-themed look.