Trendy Nail Art Using New ZOYA Shades

With ZOYA’s Nostalgic and Rose Palette collections released for fall, we’re seeing fans get creative with nail art! We hope these trendy nail art ideas using all new ZOYA will inspire your next nail looks with the collections. If you need even more nail inspiration, don’t forget to check out more nail looks from Nostalgic and nail art from the Rose Palette. 

Rose Rainbow

Image via @juleznailedit

This first look by @juleznailedit is simply gorgeous! The two accent nails feature every shade from the collection in a smooth yet subtle negative space look. What a flawless look for fall!

Leaf Skittle

Image via @Carolswatches

@Carolswatches did a gorgeous gradient skittle mani using the Rose Palette but added a leaf stamping accent to overlap the negative space. It’s a classy look to wear all season long. 

Roses on Roses

Image via @Manicurator

What better way to use the Rose Palette than to create actual roses? @Manicurator combined these beautifully painted roses with deconstructed gradient accent nails for this creative manicure.

Nostalgic Flowers

Image via @___luucie___

@___Luucie___ did this floral look with Nostalgic’s Mila, Rumi and Vivi. This flower pattern is stunning for fall.

Geometric Look

Image via @pamperedpolishes

@Pamperedpolishes created this geometric nail look as an accent for this fall manicure. Somehow it looks edgy and simple at the same time. 

Loving these nail looks? So are we! We can’t wait to see what other creative ideas our fans will come up with, so keep tagging your nail looks with #EverydayZoya!