A group picture of the Hydrating Hand and Body Serum by Naked Manicure.

This Skin Serum is Essential for Summer

Who says skin care is only for the dry months of the year? If you think you can skip moisturizing in the summer, think again! There are plenty of summer activities that can dry out our skin just as much as the winter cold. Sun tanning and swimming in chlorine pools are just a few examples. We’re here to tell you how you can incorporate the Hydrating Hand and Body Serum into your summer skin care routine so you can still do all the summer activities you love while still caring for your skin. 

What is the Hydrating Hand and Body Serum?

This skin serum is intended for use on the hands, feet, and anywhere on the body from the neck down. It applies in a spray-on formula for fast-absorbing moisture. It was created to be used with the Healing Dry Skin Hand and Body Cream on top, but the serum can also be used on its own for quick hydration without any fuss.

The easy spray formula means you can use it anywhere. Throw it in your beach bag to use after a day in the hot sun to give your body a quick cool down. Simply spray and massage into the skin. 


Use After Shaving or a Shower

You can also incorporate the serum into your nighttime skin care routine. Use the serum to calm your skin after shaving or showering and apply your favorite lotion or the Healing Dry Skin Hand and Body Cream over it. 


Use Before Your Summer Mani

You should always hydrate your skin before doing a mani or pedi, no matter the season. Spray the serum on the hands and feet before your at-home mani/pedi and achieve salon-worthy hydration. For tips on how to do a professional pedicure from home, read our article