A video-still of the ZOYA Naked Manicure Rescue Serum against a blank background.

The Serum that Saves Your Nails

Your nails need a pick-me-up every now and then, and that is where the Naked Manicure Rescue Serum comes into play. The Rescue Serum comes in a bottle with a dropper, and can be used in conjunction with the Naked Manicure Repair Base or on its own. It’s the serum that saves your nails because it offers a treatment to repair your nail’s natural keratin. As it improves the health of your nails, you’ll notice more strength and faster growth.

Why Use It?

Longer Wear Time

When your nails are healthy, you get longer wear with your manicures. This is because polish sticks best to smooth nail surfaces. So, if your nails are uneven, ridged, or splitting, your polish won’t last. Base coats can help, especially ones that fill in those uneven ridges like the Get Even Ridge Filler Basecoat, but you shouldn’t ignore the root of the problem. Imagine how long your manicures could last if you used a base coat over healthy nails! 

Wear Polish Over Treatment

The best part about the treatment from the Rescue Serum is that you don’t have to sacrifice your manicures while your nails are in recovery. The serum can be sealed in with the Repair Base and worn under polish to continue giving your nails the treatment they need for the duration of your manicure.

Watch Your Nails Grow

With your nails getting stronger from the treatment, they’ll be less prone to breaks and you can finally have the long nails you’ve always wanted!

How do Nails Get Damaged Anyway?

Nails can suffer damage easily if you’re not careful with the products you are using. Some common causes for damage include constant scraping or excessive filing, soaking the nails in acetone remover, and wearing acrylic nails. Without even trying, you can damage the keratin in your nails which gives them their strength.

How the Serum Works

The serum can repair nails that suffer from any type of damage, whatever the cause may be. The serum penetrates damaged keratin layers on the surface and hydrates the nail to promote growth in a way that mimics your nail’s natural processes. It increases the nail’s natural sebum content, and is a synthetic version of your natural skin sebum. Whether worn with the Repair Base under polish or on its own, it provides treatment to your nails and cuticles.

How to Use:

Seal it with Repair Base

If you want to receive the benefits of the Rescue Serum’s treatment, you should lock it in with the Repair Base. This will seal the treatment in place up until you remove it with Remove +. When worn with the Repair Base, you can leave your nails bare or apply color and still receive lasting treatment.

Wear it Alone:

You may also wish to use the Rescue Serum as a hydrating daily cuticle treatment. By using it on top of your manicure, you can hydrate your nails and cuticles and apply as needed. Remember, the serum’s treatment is only sealed once the Repair Base is layered on top, but the Repair Base is not necessary to use the Serum as a cuticle conditioner.

Use Just Enough:

A little bit goes a long way, which means it’s important not to use too much of the Rescue Serum. To get the right size, apply a pea-sized amount to one finger and use that to apply to each finger. Once you apply the serum to the nails, rub in varying directions and motions to sink the serum into your nail.

It’s about time you saved your nails!