A hand is shown wearing ZOYA Brighton on the fingernails while holding the polish bottle. A diamond ring is worn on the ring finger.

The Best Colors for Summer Wedding Nails

If you’re a bride-to-be, then you already know every detail of your special day should be perfect…and that includes your nails too! Whether you prefer neutrals on your wedding day or a pop of color, we have the best colors to choose from so you can show off that ring with a perfect manicure.

Sari by Zoya can be best described as a very sheer soft milky ballet-slipper pink in a shiny creme base. A barely-there shade for a polished look or French, Nude manicure.

Zoya in Evelyn can best be described as a soft cool toned blush pink cream with smooth application.

Brighton by Zoya can best be described as a full coverage, diamond holographic soft nude.


Blu by Zoya can be best described as a full-coverage, soft and delicate pale baby blue with a glossy creme finish. A dreamy, calming blue that’s both fun and flattering on the nails.

Grace by Zoya can be best described as a sheer milky baby peach flesh-tone with a touch of neutral pink.Sheer, clean and flattering for French, Nude manicures and solo wear.

Adel by Zoya can be best described as a soft, creamy sheer off-white with subtle warm undertones. An ideal French, Nude manicure polish but also works alone for a groomed sheer look.

Leia by Zoya can be best described as a sheer, opalescent white with flecks of fuchsia, green and gold. Just as beautiful on its own or layered over your favorite spring shades!

Any of these colors will be stunning choices for your wedding day!


Feature photo via @simplyjary