A cow print mani using the ZOYA Dreamin' collection by @chatter_nails.

Summer Nail Art with ZOYA Dreamin’ Collection

Dreamin’ of some summer nail art? We’re halfway through summer but that doesn’t mean it’s over! Here are some nail art ideas for your next summer mani using the ZOYA 2021 summer Dreamin’ collection.

Dreamy French Tips

A French tip summer nail art look using the ZOYA Dreamin' collection.
Photo via @polishwithcaro

French tips are the easiest nail art you could opt for, and you can always add variation! These French tips by @polishwithcaro are so classy and colorful. She used the Pink Perfector as a base and the colors Skipper, Polly, Mateo, Desi, and Darla for the perfect skittle combination.

Pink Marble Mani

Photo via @chatter_nails

This marbled look by @chatter_nails is so chic. It’s perfect for those that like a subtle look to their nail art. If you want to try a brighter marble look using Dreamin’, check out our latest tutorial!

Cow Print Mani

A cow print manicure using the ZOYA Dreamin' collection by @chatter_nails.
Photo via @chatter_nails

Cow print nails are a new nail trend and we’re loving it! It’s super simple for even beginners to achieve as the cow print dots are varied and intended to be imperfect spots. Try it out if you’re looking for something new! @Chatter_nails did this cow print look using the colors Polly, Skipper, Darla and Mateo. Bela was used as the base shade.

Abstract Shape Mani

Photo via @crystalspolish

This abstract negative space mani by @crystalspolish is giving us 80’s vibes! She used all the colors from this collection to make varying shapes and squiggle lines on her nails for a colorful artsy look. The best part about recreating this mani is that you can be as creative as you want!

Abstract Swatch Mani

An abstract summer nail art mani using the ZOYA Dreamin' collection by @grapefizznails.
Photo via @grapefizznails

@Grapefizznails created this beautiful abstract look using all 6 colors of the Dreamin’ collection and Bela as the neutral base. These nails are perfect for a summer party!

We love how creative our fans are! We hope these looks inspired your next mani. Remember to keep tagging your ZOYA nails with #EveryDayZoya for a chance to be featured on our website.

Feature photo via @chatter_nails.