A hand is shown holding a red bottle of ZOYA Nail Polish, with red fingernails wrapped around the bottle.

Best Red Polish Colors to Wear This Spring

Looking for a new go-to red nail polish? Although spring is usually known for pretty pastels, red polish never fails in any season. That is why we created this list of some of our best-selling reds that are perfect for spring, but feel free to wear them year-round (Yes, they’re that pretty). So, let’s replace those vampy shades with something a little sunnier, shall we?

Why keep it subtle in spring when you can stand out with Zoya Sooki? If you want a brighter red polish, Sooki is your pick. She’s best described as a bright, clean, crisp cool cherry red cream. With a subtle jelly finish, she isn’t your average red cream and is sure to grab attention.

Add a little sparkle to your nails this spring! Zoya in Kimmy is best described as a gleaming metallic candy apple red brightened by gold sparkle. Something about this shimmery red just feels confident and collected, which is how we should feel all the time, right?

If you’re interested in a more understated red polish, Briar is an excellent choice. She’s best described as a red-toned terracotta cream, so she’s not poppy or bold. Her warm tone has some pink undertones that make her a calming red polish selection for spring.

Rashida is a fun twist on your typical red. She’s described as a dazzling ruby red with a shimmer of red micro pearl. She’s a cool-toned polish and bright to pop in the rainy spring months.

Coral is a staple for spring, so why not try a coral-toned red? LC is best described as a bright, creamy saturated coral red with a shiny cream finish. In just two coats, this warm red polish will brighten up spring showers.

Feature photo via @nailsthatmatch