A hand is shown holding a bottle of bright pink ZOYA nail polish, with pink fingernails wrapped around the bottle. The hand is placed next to a flowered shirt.

Pretty in Pink: 8 Pink Favorites!

Zoya has every pink you could want, whether you like nudes or shades that resemble bright bubble gum. This list of 8 top-selling pinks are yours to choose from. Some are cool toned, some warm, but all are just too pretty to pass up!

Starting off our neutral pink favorites is Evelyn from our recent Naturel 4 Collection. She’s best described as soft cool toned blush pink cream. She’s a 4 on the intensity scale with smooth application in two coats.


Next up on our list of pinks is a shade from an older Natural collection, but still a fan favorite. Rue is best described as a full-coverage, boudoir blush cream. Falling in the cool pink family, this soft blush cream is certainly a subtle choice.


Another soft neutral, Mia is best described as a very soft, muted dusty nude mauve-pink in a glossy cream finish. She falls in the warm pink family and is a charming, cozy pick.

A neutral beauty from our Darling Spring 2021 collection, Mara is best described as a soft, muted rose-toned mauve cream. She’s a cool-toned pink that is opaque in two smooth coats.

A fan-favorite, Jordan is best described as a soft blossom pink cream. Despite her soft description, she’s bright enough to stand out as an attention-grabbing pink.

Remember when we said we had pink shades like bubble gum? We were talking about Tweedy! She’s another pick from our 2021 Darling collection and can best be described as a bright and uplifting bubble-gum pink cream. Her warm tone is bright and cheerful.

Lola is the type of pink that likes being the center of attention, and we can’t blame her! She’s best described as an ultra-bright fuchsia with a slight blue-violet duochrome shimmer. This neon shimmer is the most dramatic of our pink bunch!

For those that like bright pinks but don’t necessarily want shimmer, Joyce is your best choice. She’s best described as a juicy hot pink cream that demands your attention. This warm-toned beauty makes a statement in just two smooth coats.

Feature photo via @alinasnailplace