PixelDust: The Next Generation of PixieDust by Zoya

Can you believe it’s been nearly a decade since we launched our very first PixieDust collection? At the time of its launch, PixieDust was a trend-setter in the glitter nail polish category. Inspired by sugared candies, Zoya’s PixieDust became known for its sugared topping effect, which allowed us to create the array of popular PixieDust shades we have today.

We decided to relaunch three of our classic pixies in a new collection to celebrate this exciting innovation and emphasize the original concept behind these magical glitters. Introducing PixelDust by PixieDust, the trio that represents our daring decision to combine our BIG10Free polish with the new technology of a textured glitter finish.

As you’ll see, the collection features the classic PixieDust shades Lorna, Cosmo and Chyna. We chose these shades specifically to embody PixelDust because each shade has a slightly different finish and opacity. With more variation, there are endless ways to wear these colors. 

Lorna by Zoya is described as a luscious berry with a sugary sparkle. She’s opaque in about 2 coats. 

Cosmo by Zoya is described as a silver crystal sparkle with mega hex iridescent particles. She is opaque in 2 coats, resembling a bright disco diamond on your nails.

Chyna by Zoya is described as a red dazzle with a sugared sparkle. For full opacity, apply two coats of this intense red.

PixelDust Tip

Pixies and pixels don’t stain the nails, so a base coat is not required. If you love the textured finish, simply apply 2 coats and your manicure is done. If texture isn’t your thing, use your favorite top coat to create a smooth, encapsulated glitter manicure.