Our Tips for Strong, Healthy Nails this Fall

Nail health is more important than ever as we gear up for fall. If you spent the summer getting acrylic manicures at the salon or splurging on gels, your nails are likely still recovering from the damage. If you have any hope of leaving your nails natural this fall, you’ll need some treatment products to get them back into shape. Follow our tips for strong, healthy nails, and watch your natural nails grow!

Tip #1: Use a 3-in-1 Polish Remover

The long removal process of gels can be a main source of nail damage. It requires constant soaking in acetone and unnecessary scraping, which damages the surface and inhibits growth. ZOYA’s award-winning Remove + polish remover has a 3-in-1 formula that quickly removes color while conditioning and prepping the natural nail before a manicure. This means that this fast-acting remover doesn’t require excessive soaking to remove color, and it won’t dry out the nails. 

Tip #2: Treat Nail Damage with Every Manicure

Did you know you can still treat nail damage while wearing color? ZOYA has a specific nail treatment system that treats your nails under your weekly manicure. The treatment is called the Rescue + Repair system, consisting of the Rescue Serum and Repair Base. The Rescue + Repair System will be your nails’ best friend this fall as it will give them back their strength. Apply the system before every at-home manicure, and seal it with your normal manicure and top coat. Continue applying the Rescue Serum over your nails daily to receive additional treatment. Remember, the Serum must be rubbed to dry fully before sealing it beneath the Repair Base base coat. You can learn more about the system’s products and how to best apply them on our Feed.

Tip #3: Add Ultimate Protection to Your Nails

Nail health is about actively protecting the nails from further damage, not just treating existing damage. The Defend + Shine system is applied the day after your full manicure and acts as a protective shield. It uses a demi-gel layer to harden the nail surface and add lasting shine that is not prone to the same wear-and-tear of a normal top coat. As it’s worn over a full manicure, it helps to lock in the treatment of Rescue + Repair under the polish. Wearing the Defend + Shine system this fall will not just extend your manicures, but it will add nail protection to prevent breaks and polish chips.

Tip #4: Treat Your Cuticles Daily

Your cuticles are extremely important for your nail health, which is why you should be using a cuticle oil daily. We recommend the QTICA Solid Gold Anti-Bacterial Oil Gel, which adds quick moisture to the nails and cuticles in an easy, portable tube. You can also use it after a manicure to finish off your nail look with hydrated cuticles.

We hope you found these tips helpful! Start these healthy nail habits now so you can wear stylish nail colors from the Fall Nostalgic collection over stronger nails.  

Feature photo via @aenn.es