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The Naturel 4 Transitional Collection

What’s New with Naturel?

With 2020 coming to a close (it’s about time), we’re ending the holiday season and ringing in the New Year by sticking to the basics. Naturel 4 is the fourth limited-addition collection of our transitional collections that feature 6 beautifully-crafted neutral polish colors.

These colors are meant for those in-between months after the holidays and before the spring season, but are neutral enough to be year-round classics. This collection features mostly cream finishes in natural shades, but also includes a metallic sheer. The high opaqueness of these colors make them the natural creams you’ve been waiting for.

We’re breaking down each shade in this collection for you so you can find your go-to transitional color or cave and get them all. We won’t judge.

First on the list for this collection is Evelyn. She’s nearly opaque in 1 coat, but we recommend two for this cool-toned beauty. Evelyn is a soft pink blush cream that applies like butter and is a staple-pink shade for neutral-lovers.

Next up we have Cami. She’s another cream finish, but belongs to the taupe family. Cami is described as a pale mauve taupe cream and is also a cool-toned shade. We gave her a rating of 4 on the scale of opaqueness from 1-5, so you could get away with doing one coat and be nearly opaque.

Barrett is a one-coater, as it’s one of our more intense shades in the collection. We gave it the highest rating of 5 on the intensity of opaqueness scale. She can best be described as a taupe-violet cream, still staying in that cool-toned family. She’s a natural stunner for sure.


Vivian is stepping away from the pink parade and into the purple family. She’s best described as a cool-toned, dusty grape cream. Like Barrett, she’s also a level 5 on the intensity scale so only one coat is needed.

Still staying in that taupe family, Adeline is a deeper cream in the collection that is described as a deep fig taupe cream. She’s intensely opaque in 1 coat, though you could do 2 if you wish. This shade could be rich enough to make a pop in the winter snow or be a perfect neutral in the rainy months of spring. 

Marlowe is the eye-catcher of the collection with her special-effect finish. You can wear her alone or on top of any of the cream colors from this collection. She’s a duo-chrome with a slate-blue base and rose-gold microshimmers scattered throughout. She’s on the sheer side, so 2-3 coats will give her that fully opaque finish.

The Naturel 4 Bundle Set includes all of these shades, plus 6 Z-Wide Brushes and a handy bottle of our new Ultra Glossy Seal Topcoat to keep these natural shades glistening for days.

If you just want the colors, try our Naturel 4 Sampler.

Feature photo via @frecklepusnails