Naked Manicure Story

Naked Manicure was launched by Art of Beauty in 2015 and now specializes in nail and skin treatments such as Gelie-Cure, Rescue & Repair, Hydrate & Heal and Defend + Shine.

The Start of Art of Beauty

Zoya and Michael Reyzis open the first natural nail salon in Cleveland, OH, introducing what a day spa is today.  In an era where every salon specialized in acrylic and fiber glass nails, Zoya saw a need for more natural nail treatments and salon products. 

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Naked Manicure

Art of Beauty launches Naked Manicure, a unique line that gives the appearance of healthy, natural-looking nails. Read More2015

Launch of Hydrate & Heal

Art of Beauty launches the Hydrate & Heal System under Naked Manicure, used for intense hydration on the hands, feet and body. 

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Launch of Gelie-Cure

Art of Beauty launches the Gelie-Cure system under Naked Manicure, a patented 3-step system that provides treatment for damaged nails and locks in that treatment with a demi-gel layer for protection. 

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Launch of Rescue & Repair system

Art of Beauty launches Rescue & Repair, a two-step system that repairs damaged nails and locks in treatment under manicures. 

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