The 6 colors in the Spring 2021 ZOYA Darling Collection are shown with caps on colored backgrounds that match their bottles.

It’s Springtime, Darling

Spring is here, so it’s time to dive into Zoya’s spring collection, Darling! This collection features a range of three soothing spring nudes and three bright colors to make your manicures pop in the rainy months ahead.

Let’s get into why you’re really here: the colors!!

The Neutrals

We’re springing into this collection with our first color, Val. She’s a mid-tone sky blue cream and a neutral go-to. As subtle as she is, we gave her a 5 on our intensity scale. She’s nearly opaque with one coat, but we’d still recommend two coats if you like that fully opaque, pigmented finish.

Zoya in Kayleigh is another cool-toned neutral, but in the purple family. She’s described as a calming light lilac purple cream. Like her neutral Darling sister Val, she’s been rated a 5 on the intensity scale. Use two coats to see her true lilac intensity

Zoya in Mara is our last neutral beauty in the Darling collection. She’s best described as a soft, muted rose-toned mauve cream. Her rating is a 5 on the intensity scale. As usual, we recommend two coats for full opaqueness, but she can be done with one.

The Bright Colors

Tweedy is the true definition of a pop of pink. She’s best described as a bright and uplifting bubble-gum pink cream. Another 5 on the intensity scale, Tweedy sure is a bright stunner. For highest intensity, we recommend two coats.

Another warm-toned sunny beauty is Ella. She’s best described as a refreshing coral cream with a kiss of pink undertones. We rated her a 5 on the intensity scale for nearly full opaqueness in one coat. Nothing says warm days ahead quite like a coral cream.

Joyce is the warmest and brightest of the Darling collection. She’s best described as a juicy hot pink cream. You can apply her in one coat, as she was given a 5 on the intensity scale. For best results, we always recommend two for the highest intensity.

Now that you know the colors, which ones will you pick? Whether you want to keep it neutral or you want to stand out in the rainy season, the Darling collection has something for everyone.

You can buy the Darling bundle which includes 6 Z-wide brushes for a limited time only, or you can buy just the colors in the Darling sampler.