Inside the Smart Soak: How to Use it In & Out of the Salon

There’s no better way to kick off a manicure or pedicure than with a hydrating soak. The Smart Spa Fresh Soak is the first part of Smart Spa’s 4 step pedicure system that can also be used for manicures and massages. While it makes your average nail technician’s job 3x simpler with a triple-acting formula, it also has some unique benefits for at-home usage when you’re doing a DIY mani/pedi.

So how does it all work? Let’s dive in to see what makes this soak so dang smart.

3-in-1 Formula:

Nail techs love this formula because it cuts down so much time on pedicures. It softens the water, disinfects, and releases a burst of aromatherapy for a relaxing experience. When you knock out three steps in one, you’re starting pedicures off on the right foot.


By softening the water, this soak starts the hydration process right away so you can move on to filing and buffing away dead skin easily. The disinfecting properties put clients at ease in your safer services, while the soothing aromatherapy lets your clients kick back and relax—just as they’re meant to.


The aromatherapy is available in all 17 of the Smart Spa fragrances. Switch up your scents on a client-to-client basis or let them choose their favorites!


Want to feel this pampered at home? Being a multi-purpose product, this soak is perfect to use at home.  Start your next DIY mani/pedi with this sanitizing fresh soak and let it work its magic to relieve stress.

Foam-Controlling Technology

Excessive product use can cause a lot of build-up and residue leftover in your pedicure tubs which you’ll end up cleaning later. If this is the case for every pedicure you perform, that’s a lot of wasted energy and time you could be using to serve more clients! The Smart Soak has foam-controlling technology which eliminates residue in your pedicure tubs. Your pedicure clean-up just got easier.

Dissolves in Water

Residue in the tub is bad enough, but on your clients’ skin too? Now, that’s just too much to deal with. With a soak that dissolves in water, you can eliminate another step in your clean-up process as this soak doesn’t have to be washed off your client. In fact, it’s encouraged that you don’t rinse off the soak. All smart products work best when one step is fused into the next.


No residue on the skin, and a faster pedicure service? Yes please!

A Secret Smart Soak Hack

For DIY users, this smart soak has a special use. When you’re low on shaving gel, reach for the Smart Soak! This unique formula will leave the skin smooth and free from annoying razor bumps. How many pedicure soaks can you say that about?