How to Mismatch your Mani/Pedi

In the past, wearing different colors for your manicure and pedicure would be seen as a nail-no-no. Nowadays, mismatched mani/pedis are more common and sometimes preferred. Why limit your fingers and toes to one color? Ultimately, it’s up to you whether you want to match your manicure to your pedicure, but know that you don’t have to.

It’s typical for people to change out their manicure more frequently than their pedicure. This is because manicures usually chip faster than pedicures, and people spend more time looking at their hands than their feet. It’s easy to get sick of the polish on your fingernails, whereas your toes are covered by shoes and hardly noticed.  

It’s also a hassle to redo your entire manicure and pedicure every time you want to change your fingernail color, so most people skip the pedicure and opt for a mismatched look. 

Though there are no rules for mismatched mani/pedis, many people like to choose colors that still complement each other. One way to do this is by choosing two contrasting colors with the same tone (cool, neutral or warm). Another way is to choose colors that are opposite on the color wheel to have a brightened and balanced effect.

Below are some examples of mismatched combinations that are fitting for fall!                                                 

ZOYA Charli
ZOYA Normani

If you’re into neutral earthy tones, you’ll love this mismatched look. Try pairing a taupe-green on your fingernails with a neutral mauve on your toes. The key here is that both the taupe and the mauve are the same tone. This look is especially flattering in the fall months! 

ZOYA Marnie

This is a neutral twist on the classic red and tan combination. Though Marnie is a dark contrast compared to Cala, both shades are in the neutral family to make them a flattering pair for fall. 

ZOYA Kinsley
ZOYA Autumn

This fiery copper metallic paired with a warm nude is the ideal fall mismatch combination.

ZOYA Bentley

A classic deep purple is essential in the fall, and these grape-toned purples are a soothing combination. Both are cool-toned, so when paired together they have a natural flow. Try wearing Tru on your nails and Bentley on the toes. 

All rules aside, wear your mani/pedi however you please! You can follow our mismatching tips, or go traditional with a matching mani/pedi. It’s all based on personal preference and your nails will look fabulous either way. 

Feature photo via @farbmelodie.