Get Ready for Fall with These Treatment Systems

It may not be fall yet, but before we know it, the crisp autumn air will be upon us. The cold can wreak havoc on our skin and nails if we don’t take care of them, which is why it’s important to be prepared. Why wait for the cold to do its damage? If you hydrate your skin and nails now, they’ll thank you once the fall season starts.

If you’ve never heard of Naked Manicure’s Hydrate & Heal system, it’s composed of two products that work together to deeply hydrate the skin. The first is the Hydrating Hand and Body Serum, which comes in a convenient spray-on formula for use anytime on the hands, feet or body from the neck down. It delivers immediate moisture to the skin.

Next comes the Healing Dry Skin Hand and Body Cream, which is meant to be applied directly over the serum to lock in its hydrating benefits. When used together, this system is guaranteed to improve the look and feel of your dry skin.

Use at least once a day for best results. Continue to use once the season starts to get cold and see how your skin isn’t as dry as it usually is this time of year. 

Many people only associate the cold with dry skin, but your nails require hydration too. When the cold dries out your cuticles, it can affect your nail’s health, which can make them brittle or weak. The Rescue + Repair system is composed of two products that restore the nail’s strength and lock in hydration. 

First, the Rescue Serum is applied to the nails as a conditioner, which also treats the cuticles. Once the Rescue Serum is properly rubbed into the nails, the Repair Base can be applied on top as seal.

The treatment will be locked in under your manicure, but you can continue applying the Serum over your complete manicure daily to receive more treatment.

To really prepare your skin and nails for fall, we recommend using both systems daily or as often as needed.