@nailpolishedlife is wearing ZOYA Lou on her nails.

Fall Transition Shades You Can Start Wearing Now

It’s not quite fall yet, but you might be ready for a change after months of bright summer polish. Before diving into true moody colors for fall, you can start with darker transition shades. These shades wear beautifully in these in-between months for those of us that just can’t wait for the fall season to start. You can also check out our simple leopard nail art tutorial for an easy fall art idea that you can wear now!


@nailpolishedlife wearing ZOYA Lou.
Photo via @nailpolishedlife

This stunning shot of Lou worn by @nailpolishedlife is just proof that sometimes you should break the rules of nails and wear a darker shade in the summer. It worked for her!

Zoya in Lou can best be described as a deep spruce blue cream with a kiss of green. She’s from the 2020 Fall Luscious collection, but is a beautiful choice for this time of year right before fall. 


Photo via @ultrabasic_

Never neglect your neutrals! @ultrabasic_ is wearing Zoya Dea for a smooth transition shade.

Dea by Zoya can be best described as a warm milky light brown nude creme with soft orangey undertones. A natural brown that’s not too dark, especially flattering beige greige for fall.

Photo via @velvetmoonnails

There’s something about Zoya Nina as worn by @velvetmoonnails that just looks so balanced in the summer greenery. It’s setting the moody vibe of fall to come!

Nina by Zoya can be best described as a warm, rich chocolate brown creme with subtle red tones. A hot chocolate shade that’s perfect for fall.

Photo via @avrnailswatches

This gorgeous fig cream shown on @avrnailswatches is from our naturel 4 collection and is a perfect transition for fall. Doesn’t Adeline just look so classy?

Adeline by Zoya can best be described as a deep fig taupe cream.

Photo via @vikapolishes

ZOYA Tieran as worn by @vikapolishes is another gorgeous neutral transition to fall without being too bold.

Tieran is described as a medium toned charcoal cream.

Seasonal rules aside, you should wear whatever colors you want! If you feel like rocking black polish in the summer, then go for it! These recommendations are just for those that prefer to go along with seasonal color trends. 

Feature photo via @nailpolishedlife.