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Naturel 4 is the fourth limited-addition collection of our transitional collections that feature 6 beautifully-crafted neutral polish colors. Though these colors are transitional from winter to spring, they are neutral enough to be year-round classics.

Base coats can be your best friend if you want your polish to last longer. ZOYA has several base coats that offer their own unique benefits. Find which one is right for you!

Natural-nail-enthusiasts, this treatment system is for you. With no use of LED lights, this Rescue & Repair treatment will strengthen, hydrate and support the growth of your nails.

If your brittle, damaged nails are ruining the look of your manicures, the Gelie-Cure foundation technique will change your mani game. It fills in those pesky ridges and cracks and creates a flexible barrier for smoother polish application.

This sandwich technique uses the Gelie-Cure system to lock in color and protect the nail, as the nail color is “sandwiched” between two layers of Gelie. This can extend your wear for 7-14 days!

Everything you need for a mani or pedi is finally wrapped up in one easy system. This system can work as a healthy foundation for your nails before applying color, or as a long-wearing, shiny topper to lock in the color you choose.

This tutorial takes you through the 2-10-2 Technique with Gelie-Cure. This technique uses Gelie-Cure as both a base and a topper to seal in your polish color for up to two weeks of wear.

This tutorial covers the basic foundation application of the Gelie-Cure line. This durable base allows you to change out color up to 2x before its removed and ensures a smooth polish application each time.

Not sure if you're applying the Rescue Serum correctly? This tutorial gives you an easy way to check your application using water to know if you're using too much or just enough!

Even with the colder months behind us, it's never too late to check your hydration routine. If dry hands and cuticles are ruining your manicures, read about our hacks to restore healthy hydration in your skin.