Here you’ll find inspiration for incorporating your nail looks into the latest beauty trends. Match your manicures to your outfits, makeup and even face masks! 

A hand is shown displaying a skittle manicure of different nude polishes by ZOYA.
Image via @staypolished2020

The 4th of July is falling on a Monday this year, and I for one am pumped for the long weekend. Whether you're looking forward to partying, or planning on keeping things low-key, we think some cute nail looks are a must either way. Here are some nail looks inspired by the holiday. Perhaps you'll like to try them, or give them your own spin! Classic Red Manicure If you're short on time and love a classic, why not just go for red? This shade is Zoya’s America, aptly named and most suitable for cooler skin tones! Silver Stars A clean, bare nail look with hand painted stars is sure to give you a sense of accomplishment when you show these off at the

Do you know what undertone is? You've definitely encountered it before. For example, have you ever tried on a piece of clothing, and although you liked the color, it just didn’t look right? This is what I mean. It goes hand in hand with your overall skintone, creating your own unique shade, and there are some color that notably look better than others. It consists of three categories: warm, neutral, and cool. From knowing our undertone, we have the ability to find the colors that best suit us, whether it be makeup, clothing, or nail polish. That leaves only one thing left to discuss: how do we determine our undertone? WristsTake a peek at the underside of your arm at your veins.Cool: Blue or PurpleWarm:

'Slugging' nails is the hot new trend on TikTok, but we have a simple, less messy solution to retaining moisture overnight!

Tired of dents, bubbles and wrinkles in your polish? Dry those nails quick with these at-home and professional solutions!