All About the Smart Spa Moisture Mask

Skin masks are such an underrated way to make yourself feel pampered, but let’s be honest. We’ve all had at least one horrific experience of peeling that mask off and feeling like you’re taking your skin off with it. Gruesome, but true.

If you have to intensely moisturize after doing a skin mask, then the mask is doing something wrong.  Similar to some exfoliators, skin masks have a tendency to dry out the skin when you remove it. It feels luxurious and moisturizing as it sits on the skin, but that moisturized feeling usually fades once you take it off. Self-care can be a grueling process.

What is the Smart Mask?

Think of the Smart Spa Moisture Mask as a rescue for your skin from the neck down. As part of the Smart Spa pedicure line, its intended use is on the hands or feet, but it can be used on the body as well. Whether using it in the salon or at home, you’ll experiencing its rejuvenating magic. The Moisture Mask, like all products in the Smart Spa line, are derived from natural ingredients. This means that this antioxidant-filled formula will leave you with glowing skin in minutes.

How Do I Use It?

You may care about skin care where your face is concerned, but don’t neglect the necessary hydration the rest of your body needs. This is the mask you’ve been waiting for. It’s intensely hydrating, has easy removal, and only needs to sit on the skin for under 5 minutes to feel and see the hydrating benefits. You can use it sparingly on the hands and feet prior to manicures or pedicures, or use it as an all-over body treatment before a massage.


As it sits on your skin you’ll feel the sensations of aromatherapy in your favorite Smart Spa scents. (We have 17!) Like our Smart Scrub, the mask you apply after also has a heat therapy effect for relieving tense joints.


The easiest way to remove this mask is to let a wet towel sit over it for 3-5 minutes. When the time is up, the mask will be absorbed right into the towel. No excessive scrubbing. No painful peeling. Just a quick removal to reveal youthful-looking skin.


This clean removal makes it ideal for use in the salon and at home when your skin needs a quick pick-me-up. Get ready for ultra-hydration from the neck down and part ways with your dull, dehydrated skin.