4th of July Nail Looks

The 4th of July is falling on a Monday this year, and I for one am pumped for the long weekend. Whether you’re looking forward to partying, or planning on keeping things low-key, we think some cute nail looks are a must either way. Here are some nail looks inspired by the holiday. Perhaps you’ll like to try them, or give them your own spin!

Classic Red Manicure

If you’re short on time and love a classic, why not just go for red? This shade is Zoya’s America, aptly named and most suitable for cooler skin tones!

Nail Look

Silver Stars

A clean, bare nail look with hand painted stars is sure to give you a sense of accomplishment when you show these off at the 4th of July party.

Nail Look

Red, White and Blue Swirls

If you’re feeling artsy, give your nails some painted swirls after prepping with a base coat. You can paint the swirls as accent nails, or go for an all over swirl look for each finger.

Nail Look

American Manicure

If you’ve gotten bored of the French manicure, try the bigger and better American version! Instead of a bold white tip, paint the white tip first and then layer with your favorite sheer nude for a more blended and natural look.

Nail Look

Lady Liberty

A fun, nontraditional look to celebrate one of the most classic American symbols.  This look showcases her change in color over the years. The colors chosen are suited most for warmer undertones, but enjoyable nonetheless!

nail look

Minimalist Red and Blue

If you want a more subtle and sophisticated look, just break the look down to two striking colors and give this simplified look a try!

Liberal Amounts of Glitter

If you want to try another polish of ours with a holiday relevant name, give Liberty a try! She’s a sparkly blue sugar polish with a textured finish and oh-so lovely!

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